Gauchos are people who were born in the country. Most of them work in the country in jobs connected with horses and cows.

Gauchos, on Sunday meet in typical gaucho parties called ^jineteadas^. These meetings are organized every Sunday in different places, about 50/70 km from Bs As downtown.

Here Gauchos wear their best gaucho dresses, dance typical country music, eat asado and empanadas, and ride on wild horses!.

In this tour, you can spend a day, surrounded by real gauchos, sharing their life style, eating asado and empanadas ( with a good ‘malbec’ of course!!!), visiting the gaucho handcraft market, listening live music, watching the rodeo, and more..!!!!

These tours are far from the touristic places and very different to the Estancias tours.

These events are only available on Sunday and depending on the weather and the organizers. Sometimes they can be canceled

The tour includes

  • Transfer by private car
  • Tickets
  • Lunch ( asado, empanadas, drinks)

Duration 8 hrs. we accompany you, telling you about gauchos and their manners.